Study of Taos

The Study of Taos series was created during a two and a half week intensive art trip to Taos, New Mexico in June 2014. Through Oklahoma State University and some very generous donors, I had a very unique opportunity to travel to Taos and do nothing but create art for seventeen days. It was marvelous.

Fantastic views for creating work

The drawings and paintings that came out of the Taos trip focus on the different patterns and geological features that I came across while there. Using bright colors and patterns I was able to tie my work in Taos to some of my other bodies of work, such as Collection of Recollections and Significant Sixteen.

The pieces in the series are the size of postcards. While there I made it a point to send my husband a postcard each day, highlighting one of the places that I had visited. It was a wonderful way to stay in touch, journal each day, and ultimately was the inspiration for final artwork that came from the trip.

Scott Kolbo group in front of our final project

While in Taos I had the privilege of working with the artist, Scott Kolbo. The class created a piece comprised of both charcoal and video components.

Taos Views