Significant Sixteen

Significant Sixteen, is inspired by the relationships in my life. Each piece is about what matters most in my life: my relationships and interactions with my family and friends. Each painting symbolizes the personality and my relationship with sixteen of my closest friends and family.

Momentum Tulsa 2014
The different pattern and color combinations help differentiate the different types of relationships displayed.By using abstraction to create these images, the viewer is allowed to create their own meaning for each painting, whether it be one of their own relationships or something entirely different.



Significant SixteenEach painting is created on a 2 ft by 2 ft wood panel. After the panel was prepared the pattern was drawn on using graphite. While there was a bit of planning for the patterns were not completely drawn from a set idea. Colors were applied to the panel using acrylic paint. The black and white coloring and outlining was completed in oil paint.

The series was meant to be displayed in a 4 by 4 grid, but it has also been displayed in a 2 by 8 plan . Regardless of how it is displayed the paintings are interchangeable, making it possible to have a different aesthetic each time the series is displayed.